Materials: steel, pine
Dimensions: 34 x 43 x 32

Side #1


Side #3

Side #2

About Thrust

THRUST is the first piece I created after several years of not producing art. Upon graduating for engineering school I had decided to put my energies toward beginning my engineering career and in most senses did not produce any art for several years. After about 3-years in the engineering field I begin to feel the drive and inspiration to begin creating once more.

During a period of tremendous struggle in my personal life my friend Sam Noto provided me with the opportunity to jump back into ‘things’ through his formation a wonderful co-operative sculpture studio - now my ‘secret studio lair’. THRUST was the first work I made there and in essence my return to sculpture.

The work is a 4-foot long, 3-foot tall, cresting ‘wave’ of tangential steel plates emerging from a flat steel plane. The ‘plain’ rests atop a dimensional pine substructure. The steel plate used is 8 gage and each plate in the ‘wave’ is fastened to the adjacent plate with 5/16-inch diameter stainless steel tap-bolts. Welds employed at the base are primarily puddle and fillet. The steel has been sand blasted and lacquered and the steel at the base has been painted.

THRUST is a very small part, just a flicker, of a feeling burned into my soul. A feeling borne of brief moments of the most wonderful time in my life, of the most beautiful reality I have ever experienced - whatever that means.

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