About Sirvet '32292 Table'

This is an all-aluminum table I designed in a bid commission for a sports legend. It is a 9-foot by 4-foot 'aluminum lace' dining room table designed with a hole for every career point scored. Holes range in size from 1/8" to 5/8" in diameter. The table top and legs are 5/16" thick.

If you are wondering how I know that there are 32,292 holes in the table - I designed it using a computer design program called AutoCAD. That program allows you to track the number of 'elements' in a drawing. The '32292 Table' was created exactly as I designed it, down to the most minute detail. In actuality, there are 32,296 holes in the table. Four holes hold the leveling feet, but they cannot be seen, so I do not count those.