Black Wall of 13240 Holes

Materials: high density polyethylene, aluminum
Dimensions: 97 x 62 x 12

angled detail





About Black Wall of 13240 Holes

This sculpture is one that will, unfortunately, never be conveyed accurately through still photography. Still, I hope that the photos shown here will give you some idea of the work. It is a kinetic sculpture that does not move - rather, it changes as one moves around it.

The "Black Wall" is an 8-foot tall, 4.5-foot wide and 1-inch thick, black monolith with over 13,000 holes drilled through it. The holes range from 1/8" to 2" in diameter. The flat surfaces of the piece have a dull, matte finish. The inner surfaces of each drilled hole are polished and reflective. The sculpture plays with one's perception of space, motion, time, depth...

I am in love with this piece. Usually, my sculptures are pulled out of my mind so that they will no longer lovingly haunt me. I have brought this one to life and, in doing so, unleashed something that I am still coming to terms with. I may be happily haunted forever.

If you are able to see this piece in person while it is still in my possession, please do. If there is not a gallery show currently in progress, feel free to contact me about seeing it.

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