Ripples For Asta

Materials: Aluminum
Dimensions: 30 x 68 x 5


tone wall

in close

About Ripples For Asta

RIPPLES FOR ASTA is an all-aluminum wall hanging made of hand-cut and bent pieces of thin aluminum sheet. All of the pieces are riveted together.

I titled this piece in memory of my Estonian grandmother, Asta, who passed away some years ago. While there are several people in my life to whom I give thanks for many things, my grandmother probably had the most influence upon my creative side in my very formative years.

One of the many interesting things she did was to collect large mushrooms that grew at the bases of the trees in the forest near her house. She allowed them to dry and then painted them silver or gold. I helped her with this more than once. There always seemed to be one of these odd artifacts on a bookshelf in her house. This sculpture reminds me of those crazy mushrooms, and every sculpture I create makes me think of her in some way.

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