Rift Table

Materials: bubinga hardwood, aluminum
Dimensions: 39 x 39 x 14

corner detail

the rift


About Rift Table

This is a sculpture that acts as a low table made of aluminum and bubinga hardwood.

The table is construction of two halves of two hole-filled aluminum that are knitted together with a polished slab of bubunga hardwood. The wood slab is hole-filled as well The gap, or 'rift' down the center of the table is where the tables name comes from.

I did not realize until this piece had been completed that the first table I made (The Frozen Pond Table, 2005) also has a wood element through its center. The type and nature of both wood pieces, their treatments, and the overall table designs are vastly different, but it seems I have a penchant for sticking wood through the middle if things.

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