Radiant Wall I

Materials: Acrylic, Aluminum, LED lighting
Dimensions: 20" x 40" x 7"

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About Radiant Wall I

Radiant Wall I is a clear Lucite wall filled with holes that increase in density as they rise to its irregular. The Lucite is lit from beneath with LED lighting elements which give a radiating effect to the piece.

The Radiant Wall is a study is depth-perception and illumination. Many of my sculptures catch light and throw shadows. With the Radiant Wall series I am looking to cast light while throwing shadows, and to play with ones perception of light, space and depth. The ability to see each hole through its entire depth creates and interesting visual play as one walks around the glowing sculpture. The luminosity of the sculpture increases as one views it from an angle, and decreases as one moves to view it head on. From head on the circle appear faint and ghostly, as one moves around the piece circles give way to ovals and then crescents that glow more intensely the more the holes close.

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