About Void Totem I

Void Totem is a six foot tall solid block of aluminum with several hundred holes bored completely through its X and Y axes. These holes intersect throughout the body of the work creating a complex system of negative and positive tunneled space and curved shadows throughout the interior. I see the exterior surfaces of the sculpture as portraying a relative tranquility when compared to the hum of the interior; much like the exterior of a bee hive betrays the complexity of its interior. Two of the sculptures adjoining exterior faces are polished to a mirrored finish, while the two opposing adjoining surfaces are treated with a sparkling, rough finish. This creates condition where one can see oneself reflected in the sculptures surfaces when looking from one direction, does not see oneself but is forced to focus on the holes and negative space when viewing from another direction, and one experiences both sensations when looking from the other two directions.

This sculpture contains an inner world of space, depth, materiality, geometry, shadow and light; a surface world of geometry, materiality, tactility and reflection; and an outer world of visual movement.