Pogonip Vessel

Materials: Powder-coated Aluminum

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About Pogonip Vessel

This cupped sculpture falls in the category of a vessel within my body of work, although my ‘vessels’ contain enough negative space to allow one to question their usefulness as a vessel. Its construction is inspired by a loose conglomeration of delicate icy shards that one may find floating on a frozen lake, or trapped within the eddies of a partially frozen stream. The angular, rounded and undulating shadows created by the positive and negative space and dimensionality of the piece calls ones attention to the space or air around the sculpture, and hence the word Pogonip is conjured. Pogonip is a Native American word for an icy fog that forms in mountain valleys. An icy fog has a crystalline structure and plays with light, shadow and perception.

I want my sculptures to not only activate the viewer’s senses through their perception of my works themselves, but to also activate the spaces around them and how one perceives that space. The shadows, reflections, air flow and in turn visual flow around a sculpture is as important to me as the physical interest and beauty of the piece itself.

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