zz-Appetizer/Cone Holders

Materials: cherry, aluminum
Dimensions: Varies

and more cone holders

and yet more.

Cone Holders

About zz-Appetizer/Cone Holders

These are quite simply appetizer holders I made for Chef George Vetsch and The Circle Bistro in Washington, DC. in 2003 These held what Chef George called his 'fritto misto' -- cleanly fried potatoes, squid, chicken and zucchini. They also held French fries and held popcorn at the bar.

The restaurants d├ęcor consisted of a large amount of cherry wood and was quite modern. The scheme worked out nicely given my penchant for cherry and my sense of design. Unfortunately, George Vetsch is no longer at The Circle Bistro, and I no longer am certain if these holders are being used.

Who knows where they may be today? I did number them all, and I have one of them.

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