Fire Bastion I

Materials: Powder-coated Aluminum
Dimensions: 12" x 28" x 9"

overall 2

overall 1

overall 3

detail 1

About Fire Bastion I

This Fire Bastion is inspired by the effects of fire on our mountain landscapes. My Bastion sculptures are all interpretations of the dynamic mountain landscapes I love. They strive to capture the sweeps and projections, nooks and crannies, shadows and expanses of both the close-up and overall look of mountains and mountain ranges. This Fire Bastion is one of a series of four Bastions that incorporate the ideas of natural forces that shape the landscape. The other three are the Wind, Fire and Earth Bastion. The Fire Bastion calls to mind the beauty and intensity of fire while using the shapes and negative spaces of my mountain iconography.

The Fire Bastion is supported by a metal pedestal of sweeping black. The black calls to mind the burnt offerings of fire.

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