Water Bastion I

Materials: Powder-coated Aluminum
Dimensions: 13" x 24" x 10"

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About Water Bastion I

This Water Bastion is inspired by the effects the rain and water and large bodies of water and their waves on our landscape. My Bastion sculptures are all interpretations of the dynamic mountain landscapes I love. They strive to capture the sweeps and projections, nooks and crannies, shadows and expanses of both the close-up and overall look of mountains and mountain ranges. This Water Bastion is one of a series of four Bastions that incorporate the ideas of natural forces that shape the landscape. The other three are the Wind, Fire and Earth Bastions. The Water Bastion calls to mind the beautiful dynamics of water while using the shapes and negative spaces of my mountain iconographies.

The Water Bastion rests in a cradle of clear acrylic. I chose this because I often feel that my sculptures have no top or bottom, back or front. Of course they can not easily be displayed rotating while floating in mid-air so some orientation has to be chosen. While it is oriented a certain way while resting in the cradle, the Water Bastion can be picked up and taken out of the cradle allowing the viewer to handle and orient it in their hands any way they see fit.

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