About Blue Mountain I

The second in the series following my sculpture White Mountain II, this sculpture is a shadow machine. Its spiraling shape is reminiscent of a rampart and its overall shape recalls a conical mountain. For now I have decided to see this as a part of my mountain-scape series of studies and not as a part of my rampart series, although both are closely related.

I would like to see the walls of a larger piece similar to this rise to a height taller than the average person so that one could engage with and be overcome by the contained space and shadows. While interested in creating that larger reality, I find that looming above and standing apart from this smaller study has its intimate virtues. While very different on a sensory level, it can be just as interesting to stand apart from and above a small environment and image oneself shrunk in size and placed within that space as it would be to be in a larger, life-size version of that environment. It is the difference between informed imagination and physical reality and I want this piece to conjure those comparisons