Maple Gale

Materials: Spalted Cherry
Dimensions: 28" x 28" x 2"

overall 2

overall 1

About Maple Gale

The Maple Gale is a thick, polished, round of live-edge, spalted maple that I have opened up with the inclusion of negative space in the form of holes. The piece of wood is beautiful with intense and intricate fingering, trails and other and 'defects'. One sees these features not only on the flat surfaces of the sculpture, but also within and through the holes, giving lovely depth of these beautiful marks

Working this piece was challenging because I was in many ways reluctant to put my fingerprint upon it. In the end I found myself looking for places in the wood the would 'permit' the placement of a hole. I now love that one can look both at and through this sculpture. My intention is to bring new life into these wood pieces by bringing the sculptures surrounds - the ambient colors, lighting, tones... into the body of the work via the inclusion of the many holes.

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