About Cherry Wall

CHERRY WALL was an attempt for me to dream up something practical. In many ways I though of it as some sort of ‘partition’ that might look nice in someone's home. I conceived of it as something marketable.

I also saw it as an homage trees and the beauty of their wood. I chose cherry because I had fallen in love with its supple texture, intense fingerprint and unique personality while working on a yet unfinished sculpture.

CHERRY WALL is a 7-foot tall, 4-foot wide ‘stagger’ of 113, roughly 5-inch by 8-inch cherry wood plates and 404, 1/4-inch diameter holes. Each wood plate was polished and oiled and attached to adjacent plates with 1/4-inch tap bolts. The base is a 56-inch long, 8” x 2” x 1/4” piece of tube steel with eight 1-inch by 6-inch slots cut into it. The wood is attached to the steel base by magic.

The only piece I have ever created which I did not consider a labor of love, CHERRY WALL is now one of my favorite of my pieces and I rarely show it for sale.