Materials: Powder-coated Aluminum
Dimensions: 11" x 40" x 11"

overall 1

overall 2

overall 3

About Flume

Flume is a sculptural story about sensual form and transition. It was made at the request of one of my galleries. The gallery owners requested a 'more sensual sculpture in blue'. That was an interesting requests as it was both vague and precise. I like to listen to the requests of my galleries as they have a unique and different perspective on the art world from me, so I did my best to oblige.

This piece was created alongside of my sculpture Hubris, however this one uses more undulating and flowing gestures. I struggled with the color as I wanted to use a blue that was new to me, while at the time being hesitant to increase my color palette. For a long time early in my career I refused to paint sculptures and there were still remnants of that sentiment within me when Flume was being made. In the end I chose a color that evoked the water-like feeling of the sculpture.

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