About Green Stone Wall

After much wrestling and cursing, here is GREEN STONE WALL.

I encounter walls in many interesting ways in my life beyond simply living between and among them. As a structural engineer, I design, inspect, and reinforce masonry, concrete, and timber walls of all types. I also come across stone and masonry walls that are remnants of old structures in the forests in which I spend so much time.

The stone wall series is, in a way, a reaction to the elegant, yet studied, design that goes into masonry and stone walls these days (which can betray the simple beauty of the walls themselves). It is also a lament of the rarity of simple stone walls in today’s world.

The pieces in the WALL series are 'restructuralist' constructions in the extreme. These walls are so simple in form that they are almost silly, yet I feel they are beautiful in their absurd simplicity. I hand drilled all of the holes in these stones in a water bath to keep the drill bits cool. For every stone you see in GREEN STONE WALL, at least one cracked and broke.