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About Coral Whorl

The Coral Whorl is inspired by my Umbra series of sculptures, whihc are explorations of fluid motion, shadow and the use of not only negative space to bring the surroundings into the body of a sculpture, but also doing that by making the sculpture transparent. In some ways the holes hinder the ability of the sculpture to transmit it surroundings, but from other angles the case is the opposite.

The Coral Whorl employs rose tinted acrylic to add the visual energy of that particular hue to the piece. The holes actually serve to accentuate the color as they serve a color-sinks, appearing more tinted then the rest of the sculpture.

I am very interested in having my sculptures meld with their surrounding. I have been exploring this through the use of negative space, primarily holes, in recent years. Transparency is a new way to ignite a sculpture by what surround it. I am looking forward to creating more Umbra pieces.