Forest Dream

Materials: reclaimed old growth timber, aluminum
Dimensions: 22 x 23 x 4

Forest Dream

About Forest Dream

FOREST DREAM was undoubtedly the beginning of a series of works for me. Its evolution began with the first TATTERED BANNER and then was steeped within THE CRUCIBLE. In essence, it arose out of THE CRUCIBLE. I am thrilled with the many variations on a theme that now fill my head and will be brought into reality in the coming months and years.

FOREST DREAM is constructed of distressed aluminum plate set in a base of old growth timber that was removed from a 140-year-old home in Washington, DC. Stainless steel #10 button head screws hold the pieces together.

This work casts wonderful shadows and reflects and cradles light in such nice ways. I often rest and nap beneath the trees in forests. Whether it is at night or during the day, in clear or cloudy skies, in rain or snow or simple, gentle winds, the dance of negative and positive space is one of the most beautifully-dynamic visual events on this earth. It is like being witness to God's dreams.

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