Lion & Ouzel

Materials: Powder-coated Aluminum
Dimensions: 60" x 31" x 9"

overall 1


overall 2

About Lion & Ouzel

Lion and Ouzel is a commission for a private collector that was to be based upon my free-standing sculpture Thunder & Falcon (which can be seen on this website).

It is a multi-layered, aluminum, powder-coated wall sculpture - one of my favorite sculptures that I have created. This is a seminal work that has ushered in a new series of, and approach to, wall sculpture for me. lion and Ouzel altered the way I see my work as a whole.

The name Lion and Ouzel comes from two mountain lakes that I camped along in the Wild Basin region of Rocky Mountain National Park. The rolling, layered mountain outlines reflected in the lakes are what inspired the sculptures forms.

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