Heartwood Sentinel

Materials: Purple Heartwood, Acrylic base
Dimensions: Varies

overall 1

overall 2

About Heartwood Sentinel

The Sentinel series of sculptures are a family of hardwood, free standing, thin, tall sculptures in a variety of sizes and hardwoods. The small Heartwood Sentinel, was created with Purple Heartwood.

These sculptures are homages to the beauty of wood and trees, as well as being essays in negative and positive space. When working with hardwoods, the beauty of the material plays an integral part in the creation and placement of the negative space, of the ratio of negative to positive space, and the way the wood is finished. While the overall form is intriguing in it simplicity, calling to mind a standing sentinel, the dynamic, intricately gorgeous nature of hardwood adds greatly to the story. These sculptures are simplicity carved out of intricacy.

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