About Eye of Loki

THE EYE OF LOKI is the first of two EYE sculptures. Making this in the winter, as well as my Baltic/Scandinavian heritage, caused my mind to ponder the Norse god Loki. The edges suggest melting ice and snow that frame a spiral of mischief that becomes darker as you approach the center. Loki is the Norse god of mischief and general naughtiness. We are good friends.

LOKI was the first piece in which I used four different types of metals and two different types of bolts. The alloy bolts are black and all others are stainless steel. The best way to display this work is a mystery to me. It seems to be comfortable laying flat like a nest or in a ‘cradle’, erect, but away from a wall, or simply hung. It is currently being displayed in a cradle made of reclaimed old-growth timber.