Eye of Orpheus

Materials: aluminum, copper, brass, steel
Dimensions: 27 x 26 x 1



About Eye of Orpheus

THE EYE OF ORPHEUS is the companion piece to THE EYE OF LOKI.

The title comes from the fact that, during its construction, I seemed to be considering the legend of Orpheus quite often. In particular, I was contemplating the look in the eyes of Orpheus as his love, Eurydice, was being pulled back into the underworld. I will leave it at that for now.

As with LOKI, the materials I used are copper, surrounded by brass, surrounded by aluminum. This work, however, is a little lighter, or more ethereal, than LOKI. Perhaps it is because the boundaries of the work seem to disintegrate into space.

The EYES are a part of a larger, more intimate body of work that I am constructing to counter the larger-scale sculptures I make. I am finding that I need to strike a balance between the large and the small. I am also considering creating a third EYE.

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