Materials: cherry, brass
Dimensions: 64 x 24 x 1

one view

another view


About Desertscape

DESERTSCAPE was originally made to be an articulating, 3-D sculpture and was exhibited in that manner the first time it was shown. It can also be displayed in a flat, 2-D orientation and wall hung. It is currently in this wall-hung orientation in my bedroom.

This sculpture has what I consider to be an interesting story to its creation. I had been making my sculpture ENLIGHTENED and was literally surrounded by its curved, cut-off, cherry remnants when the idea for this piece came to me. The construction is of cherry wood plates with brass all-thread rods running through them along their long axis. There are several pivot points in the sculpture for articulation.

DESERTSCAPE is a landscape of an amalgam of vistas I have seen in the deserts of Utah and New Mexico. Canyonlands National Park is primarily where my mind goes when I look at this piece.

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