About Dance of Midnight Wind

DANCE OF MIDNIGHT WIND is a further realization of my earlier work FOREST DREAM. I hope to someday say the same of another piece with respect to this one, as I would love to construct a larger variation well over twenty feet tall. (Somehow, I am certain I will.)

This work is 7’-9” tall and approximately 5’-0” at its widest point. Its base is made from a remnant of Utile, an African hardwood. It is constructed from hundreds of irregularly-cut aluminum plates and peppered with a few brass ones, as well. All of these pieces are bolted together with stainless steel #10 button head bolts. Unlike FOREST DREAM, DANCE OF MIDNIGHT WIND grows not from a single row of elements, but from several parallel rows which grow upward and intertwine, giving the piece greater visual and physical depth, and greater stability.

This is yet another product of my fascination with natural forms and the chaotic, yet harmonious, repetition they possess. It is wonderful that most of the complex and seemingly random entities in nature can provide something comfortable and familiar in their form for us to relate to – a divine repetition that can touch something orderly that is buried deep within us all.