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About Through The Canopy

THROUGH THE CANOPY is a wall-mounted sculpture made of brass and purple heart hardwood. At 10" wide by 42" tall it was an interestingly-sized piece for me to create. The size reflects the vertical nature of - you guessed it - trees.

For me, this piece conjures images and feelings of jungle canopies and the wonderful vistas seen through and within them. The almost ‘gilded’ feeling that the colors of this piece impart conjures the ancient, golden civilizations that have existed in and around the jungles and vast rainforests of South America and Asia. At the same time, it suggests the shrouded, elegant mystery of such places.

I finished this piece on the same day I delivered it to the gallery. I did not get a chance to really look at it and soak it in until I was at the gallery and saw it leaning against the pure white wall. I love my ‘secret studio lair’, but a backdrop of concrete masonry, miscellaneous pieces of steel and wood, and dirty tools is not the best backdrop for viewing newly-created artwork. After seeing THROUGH THE CANOPY in the clean, white gallery space, I more or less instantly knew that it was one of my favorite pieces that I had created.

It sold the very next day at the show opening and that collector now has three of my more beloved sculptures.