About Ocean Dream

This work is approximately 43 inches tall by 62 inches long and is made of aluminum and brass with a jatoba hardwood base. It was made with dimensions to fill the picture window of the gallery in which it was first displayed.

The work is a further progression in my 'Dream' series which began with the sculpture FOREST DREAM. Three independent layers of metal, a brass layer flanked by two aluminum layers, emerge from the hardwood base and tangle as they rise.

I wanted to embody the idea of motion in this work. At this point in time, I was becoming more fascinated with the idea of natural elements succumbing to the forces of wind or water than had been previously demonstrated in my body of work. The first steel sculpture I ever made was a study in this idea. I loved that piece and, apparently, someone else did, too - enough to break into the studio and walk off with it.

I expect to be exploring the idea and mood of 'implied dynamics' even more in the future.