zz-Cloud Box

Materials: aluminum, plexiglas, granite base
Dimensions: 13-inch cube

overall 1

overall 2

About zz-Cloud Box

CLOUD BOX is a 13-inch cube made of bolted aluminum and Plexiglas. Each of its eight edges is 13 inches long. I cut the aluminum ‘clouds’ into shapes, polished them and then bent some at right angles to form the edges and corners.

I was unable to go on a vacation to the deserts of western Nevada in the summer of 2007 because I had to prepare for a gallery show. The vision of this entity hovering over the flat desert wastelands was a powerful one in the weeks surrounding that time, so I decided to make the vision a reality.

If it is possible, I would like to photograph this sculpture on the alkali flats of western Nevada – we will see. An even greater desire is to create another CLOUD BOX with edges that are 13-FEET LONG.

I see many of my sculptures as machetes in that I would like to construct them much larger. CLOUD BOX is one such piece. A 169-cubic-foot version with 13-foot edges would be lovely, and a work with sides of approximately 30 feet would tower to nearly 43 feet above the earth at its axis. A yummy vision - when I have the time...

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