Crystalline Pod

Materials: aluminum, brass
Dimensions: 17 x 17 x 32



About Crystalline Pod

CRYSTALLINE POD is a reflection upon growing, budding organisms. I had the idea of "life in transition" in mind while making it. This is a transition fixed in time; however, the inorganic materials of the piece both betray and highlight the work's essence. I used angular, metallic pieces to portray the smooth and arching, soft surfaces of many natural objects.

The graceful and organic curvature of this sculpture, comprised of sharp, angular, shard-like pieces, is the overarching ideal behind this work. Hopefully the viewer will run with that.

All pieces of CRYSTALLINE POD are hand-cut and cold-forged aluminum plate held together by brass bolts and nuts. A few small pieces of brass plate comprise the tips of each...end...tip...thingy? ;)

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