Budding Soul

Materials: aluminum, wenge hardwood
Dimensions: 19 x 30 x 11



The Playa


About Budding Soul

BUDDING SOUL as a further evolution of what began as my ‘Dream’ series, or small tree-like sculptures. Those sculptures began with my sculpture 'Forest Dream' as fairly flat, 2-D sculptures set in 3-D bases. From those thin, 2-D constructions I began to create more thickly-layered and dimensional ‘tree works’ such as 'Dance of the Midnight Wind' and 'Enlightened'. 'Ocean Dream' was the next evolution of these pieces. That sculpture has true depth, as its metal layers are gently bent and undulating to impart the wave-like look of seaweed slowly being pushed through the hypnotic ocean current.

BUDDING SOUL is constructed of severely twisted thin aluminum plates which form an organic tree, or bush-like structure. The pieces are fixed to a hardwood base and all of the aluminum elements are bolted together. There to be an energy, or chaos, in this sculpture which I do not fully comprehend, despite the fact that I created it. I see this fact as a wonderful thing, as I also cannot really comprehend trees or bushes, no matter how much time I spend with them.

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