Materials: cherry, aluminum, steel
Dimensions: 42 x 20 x 11





About zz-Passage

PASSAGE is a sculpture I made very quickly. I put a strict time limit upon myself regarding its completion. I usually work slowly and deliberately, and for me to let a timeline be a considerable component of a sculpture's creation is very unusual. Upon its completion, it was immediately placed on display and it was not until I had the work photographed weeks later that its true nature and hidden surprises began to reveal themselves to me.

PASSAGE is comprised of a square matrix of 4-inch by 4-inch aluminum plates connected with stainless steel tap-bolts. This matrix is attached at two sides to two single, long, rectangular cherry wood plates and then bent around the long axis of those wood members. The bent matrix is tensioned into a half-circle by connecting the wood plates with four 1/4-inch diameter stainless steel all-threads.

I see this sculpture and look both back and ahead for me. It is rigid and static yet there is something dynamic happening. It is a transition to someplace, but to where I am not certain.

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