Ascendant Isten (I)

Materials: Cherry, Brass
Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 83







About Ascendant Isten (I)

ASCENDANT ISTEN (Sanskrit for '1') is made of 252 hand-shaped and oiled 3/8"-thick cherry wood plates, 504 brass bolts and lock nuts, and one 4-1/8" diameter brass plate located where the cherry plates meet at the 'top'.

I wanted to make a sculpture in this shape for some time and the urge became overpowering in mid-2009.

There now two additional 'Ascendants' that I have created with, at the very least, one more on the way. It appears that 'The Ascendants' will be the first true series I have created. I see them as part of a greater mythology that is evolving in my mind - as entities that embody some archetypal aspect of humanity. At this time, I do not know how I plan to convey this mythology beyond the creation of further 'Ascendants', but I suspect I will do something fun and interesting.

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