Farragut Spheres, Farragut West Metro, Washington, DC

Materials: aluminum, LED lighting elements
Dimensions: installation, variable

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About Farragut Spheres, Farragut West Metro, Washington, DC

This commission, titled Farragut Spheres, can be see at the Farragut West Metro Entry in NW Washington, DC at the intersection of 17th and I streets.

The installation consists of 20 back-lit and perforated wall-mounted aluminum spheres. Each sphere is lit by a custom made LED light array. The concept is based on my sculpture Millennia (2009).

I have been asked about the number of holes. I am paying greater attention to numbers these days as a result of my hole-filled sculptures. I will admit that the number is random - a byproduct of design. However, I have come to realized that if every hole in the installation is counted, the 139847 + 60 mounting holes, there are 139907. That is a prime number ! :-o I randomly landed on a prime - Hummmm.........

There are many people whom I thank for this project. I may expand upon that in the future here, but for now I will simply list the companies and organizations:

The Golden Triangle B.I.D, The DC Commission on Arts and Humanities, Washington Metro Area Transit Authority, Alexander Cooper (lighting design), Product Support Inc. (CAD manufacturing), Union Electric Company, Atlantic Electric Supply, Piedmont Plastics, Winona Lighting

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